You can diet, run on the treadmill, and take your diet pills and you still are having
trouble losing that fat. You get frustrated and go back to your unhealthy lifestyle
and get fatter. Many repeat this process over and over. Read the rest of this and
hopefully you will find some help in your battle to get rid of that fat for ever.

As we age we can develop a condition where don’t efficiently take up glucose and
use it for energy. This is called “insulin resistant”. The absolute most effective way
of restoring insulin sensitivity is to reduce calories. Yes reduce your calories to
1,500 – 1,800 a day is the number one way. But we all know there are many factors
other than just eating less is needed to lose weight.

This can be a major reason why even when you diet weight loss is so hard. A large
percentage of men suffer abdominal obesity-the most dangerous-and find it impossible
to lose as they age. Low levels of “free testosterone” and DHEA can be the culprits.
Women as they age should be checked for thyroid function. Trying to lose weight
with low thyroid levels is very challenging. Also women as they age can increase in
their belly fat, they need to restore hormone balance with bioidentical hormone
replacement therapy. Thankfully we have a local Doctor who is a specialized expert
for men and women, Dr. Mark Hertzberg in Novi, Michigan.

We know that too many carbs spike our insulin and contribute to gaining fat. We need
to control the rate that the carbs enter your system. How? Add fiber! Yep, add 5 grams
of fiber to your diet before or with every meal will help this. Best form of fiber is made
up of oats and barley for this purpose.

Get moving. You want the best way to help you burn fat and restore important bodily
functions? Join our boot camps- HERE
Yes I will brag our boot camps are the best thing going for those looking to stimulate
fat loss at a quick and high level. If boot camps are too much for you as you have
lived on the couch for 5 years, get into a weight training class, and walk every day.

yes you burn energy (calories) even in a resting state. Kick it up or restore it to a
higher level. There are some nutritional aids that offer a safe and good way to kick
up your metabolic rate.
a) Green tea. Yes it is true, will help you burn body fat.
b) Capsaicin!! Yea baby add some heat to your spices and this will add some heat
to your metabolism.
c) Ginger extracts have shown to increase and enhance fat burning levels.
d) My secret weapon that people are so missing out on. They are so beneficial
to your health–but they also really help with fat losing body fat.
Omega-3 fatty acids. HERE

We all know geting rid of fat is a process and it takes effort. But it also takes knowledge. I
gave you some tips that will greatly increase your chances of getting rid of that fat once
and for ever. Take these tips and apply them, don’t just read this and throw it away. Use
these tips and learn as much as you can. Hey this is your body and life and you only get
one run at this, so live life don’t just go through it.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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