I am going to simplify things for you here.
I am going to break it down to 5 things you
NEED to do to achieve the fat loss you desire.
You may be shocked to see a few of the
suggestions. And you may be offended by
some of the words I write. But either way
you are reading this because you want to
lose fat and i am the expert that can help you.
So listen up, take it to heart, and most of all
take action.

1. Eat less calories. Hey not rocket science is
it? You must cut back on the amount of calories
you consume. Now notice I didn’t say food, I said
calories. You need to learn that green veggies
you can eat by the plateful, but potato chips
are off limits.

2. Eat 5-6 times a day!!! What? Yes, eat 5-6
small, nutrient dense meals a day. Now a meal
could consist of a meal replacement drink. Or
it could be 4oz. chicken and a salad. But by
eating 5-6 times a day you are keeping the
fire of your metabolism burning. If eating once
a day would make us lean, come on every one
would be lean–look at all the fat people who
only eat once a day.

3. Build Muscle. There I said it. Unless you want
to look like Richard Simmons, build some muscle.
the only way you are going to do that is by weight
training. Not cardio. Ladies you will not look like
the Hulk, but you will get curvy and lean.

4. Avoid vampires and parasites! You know the
family and friends who say you look great and why
would you want to lose any weight. You know the
ones who say here eat this it’s okay. The ones who
say you’ve tried this before and you failed. Get away
from them and get with people with the same goals
and ones who will encourage you.

5. Get help. Social help, professional help, life style help.
Social help; Like This
Professional help- a trainer who know what they are doing.
Lifestyle help- A coach who can guide you and help
through the mine field of life.

Simple, but not easy. Only because you make it seem harder
than it is. Reach out and get the help. Kick butt, and get
healthy and fit.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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