Well this will be our official page to keep track of my progress on becoming healthy and fit again
on my 51st birthday, which is November 19th. Bookmark this page and come back daily to see my
progress and get tips on how you too can get fit and healthy in record time.

I launched my project “51 And Fit” the night of September 10th. I was 261 pounds that day and
not feeling good about myself. I had let myself go after my accident and put on 30 pounds in a short time frame. I had also not trained now since May30th and had atrophy of my muscles. Not good for your
fat loss expert. Not being a good example.

Well i put down the gauntlet and said I would lose 30+ pounds by my birthday and be back training again
to gain back my hard earned muscle.

This morning I weighed in at 258. A loss of 3 pounds in 2 days. Not bad for just starting out and not
being in the fat burning zone yet. I will go as long as i can without doing any aerobic activity-until
I hit a plateau – then incorporate some cardio. For fat loss I use nutrition and muscle for burning fat.
The main reason is I hate cardio, it is boring and time consuming and I can lose fat without doing
it. It is good for your overall health and cardiovascular system, so do not neglect it in your program
to achieve total health.

So how did I lose the weight so far? Lowered my carbohydrate intake to 150 grams per day. And none of
those carbs after 5pm.

My diet has consisted of :
6 whole eggs for breakfast (cage free)
chicken breast for a snack
lunch – a chicken breast roll up on whole wheat burrito wrap with salsa
snack: a chicken breast roll up
dinner: salmon and broccoli

I ate this both days. In fact I did this againg today the 13th, my full 3rd day into the program

Sunday will be church and 2 less meals.

Monday i will be on the same diet and I will start my training again. I will post details of my
workout Monday night along with an update of my fat loss. So stay tuned and check in as I
will be bringing tips to help you accomplish your goals.

I can also use feed back and encouragement PLEASE.

And if you have any questions please ask away.

51 And Fit,
Your Fat Loss Expert

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