Wow, as a premier fat loss expert I have
seen alot.
You know the “Spanks”, the under clothes that
you can tuck your fat in.
Well now there is a new girdle gizmo out there
that is being sold at home parties. The line
goes something like-”No exercise, no diet, no
liposuction, no gastric bypass, but in minutes
take 2-3 dress sizes off”.
Hold on there, give me a flipping break!
They want you to spend over $300.00 on
a flipping girdle that “takes off” dress sizes.
Ya right. I bet when mama takes off that
thing she rolls out like the Nutty Proffessor.
What a sight.
Women, take your money and get into a bootcamp
or exercise class, or best bet personal training.
Build some muscle, burn some fat and wear
a flipping swim suit while the fat ones
are sweating their butts off wearing a knee to
armpit girdle “pretending” to be leaner.
Hey grab the program over at
Fat Loss For Mothers

This is getting ridiculous. Women get to
Michigan’s #1 Women Bootcamp.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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