Okay, first off don’t get me wrong. I think
that it is great that fat people lost great
amounts of fat on the hit show. Applause,

But are they heroes? I mean this is something
they should have did a long time ago. Yes, I
am glad they did it. But let’s get real here.
They are locked up on a campus, trainers,
gym, nutritionist, Drs., at their call 24/7.

And the show is skewed in my opinion as they
are all about amount lost on the scale. What if
a person adds 20 pounds of lean muscle tissue
which should be everyone’s goal to add muscle,
they lose to someone who sacrifices muscle
along with the fat!

That is just plain wrong, and sets them up to
put fat back on at a quicker pace as they have
less muscle to push their metabolism. You should
always strive to add or preserve lean muscle and
not ever lose any.

But back to the hero status. Happy for them yes.
Hero no. A hero to me is a single mother who is
taking care of 4 children and working and raising
her children to be the best they can be. And
along the way she is getting up at 4am and going
out in the dark and walking every morning. Then
she comes inside and does her body work for 20
minutes. Then she make a healthy breakfast
and lunch for her children. And she is doing this
on her own and not with 10 million people watching
to see if she will win $250,000.

That is a hero to me. She should be on Good Morning
America. She should be out speaking to groups of
women. Not someone who has 24/7 access to all
things they need at their disposal and the chance
to win $250,000. Hats off to the fat people who
dropped weight on the show. I bow my head to the
ones who do it in the dark on their own to silence.
They are my heroes.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your health & Fitness Expert

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