I cannot believe in the economy we have right now
that if you walked into a GM dealership right now
you wouldn’t be treated the best you ever had been
at a dealership.
Well I went to a GM dealer Monday with my Pastor to
look at a car for him. We drove up in a 2008 Audi A8L,
you know a $100,000 sedan.
That should be a salesman’s first clue, but NO, we could
not get anyone to wait on us! Give me a flippin’ break.
No one else on the lot, and no one got up to help us.
Normally we should have been waited on, but come on
GM is about to go belly up, and we have to ask for some
one to help us. Then the guy didn’t know what options,
color interior, or rebates were available. Then he wanted
to know if we were trading up! To what!
“Ah, yea, I’d like to trade this Audi in for a Malibu please.”
Then today, I have been a loyal customer of XO
Communications for 12 years. Moved locations 5 years ago,
then the last 3 months they sent my bill to the old address!
Well, I get 30 bills a month, pay them as they come in. Didn’t
notice XO hadn’t sent me a bill. Well lo and behold they
disconnected my business line. Yea, the number I have had
for 12 years, on my ads, my websites, my cards, my
advertising. And they did it a week ago. Just found out as I
have 2 numbers ringing into the same phone. Well you can
say I was a little miffed. But what happened over the next
7 hours was surreal. I started at 9:09 am calling XO
non-Communications (in my opinion the suckiest phone
company in the USA), and I was literally on the phone for
7 hours today trying to get my number reinstated.
Well, they finally said they could do it for $400.00 and
start over with them. I calmly said they could start giving
themselves an enema with their fiber optics and copper wire.
Hey time for a new phone number and a new phone company.
Hey XO non-Communications–”See ya.”
Now I know why some of thes companies are falling by the
wayside and suckling at the government trough.
If I ran my business that way I would expect to be out
of business. I always believe in going over board in service.
Way over board. But maybe that is why I have been in
business for over 35 years and never out of business.
And this is where the pepto comes in. After dealing with
XO-non Communications and the $6.00 lackeys that
answered the phones I had to deal with a mildly upset stomach.
Where am I going with this blog, only to say that I fully expect
to see the salemen at the GM dealer, and the lackeys at XO
nonCommunications being interviewed on TV soon crying about
how it isn’t fair they are out of work and the government needs
to help them. Hey all of you…………
Kiss My Working, Productive, Over Delivering A%@.
Thanks for letting me rant today. Needed that.
Now get busy and be healthier tomorrrow than you were today.
To Your Health,
Randy Woody
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