“Don’t take health tips from celebs if you know what’s good for you”

That is an article from The Times reported December 27th.
Who in their right mind would take health tips from say Oprah? I mean she has only fluctuated in her weight give or minus 80 pounds up and down–mostly up!

Hey how about Demi Moore–she uses “medically trained leeches” for blood detoxification!! Oh I thought Ashton was the only leach in her life. Shame on me.

Hey how about Tom Cruise, we all know he is an expert on drugs and their interactions, right? I mean he is a scientologist–that is the study of science no?

Come on people. Why would you listen to someone whose job in life is to read lines off a paper that someone else wrote. Real brain power there.

Get your advice from a professional in their field. Personally I don’t even get health advice from regular Drs., they are not really trained in this area.

You want some real health advice, get it from a health expert. Someone who has studied and practiced and whose living depends on giving people the right advice.

Myself and my wife Brenda have been helping people for over 30 years live a healthier, fitter life. We are always busy because we know what we are doing and people keep coming to us and refer their friends and family to us because we get results.

Hey, women, you want to get toned and fit and have fun doing it? Come on out and check out the Better Life Fitness Women Bootcamps for Women that we run. Awesome.

You want real nutrition advice that works for you in your real day to day life–get hold of us. You want to drop 10 pounds or 100 pounds, double your strength? Give us a shout out.

Not here to toot our horn, but I am here to give you a heads up before you follow the next waif actress on her cookie diet!

There are many professionals out there who can help you, search one out and utilize them for what they do best, getting people healthy and fit. Not speaking on cue like a trained seal and getting many takes until they get that right!

To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert



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