If you have followed me for awhile you will know I refer to sugar as “white death”. We all need to cut
down of this horrible product that many times gets snuck in our diet without us even knowing it.
Here are some ways to eliminate white death out of your diet and get on track for a healthier,
leaner you.

1. Don’t add it to foods. Wow- rocket science huh? This is the easiest and most basic way to
immediately reduce the amount of sugar you’re eating. Don’t use it. Think cereal, coffee and tea, soda,etc.

2. There isn’t any “healthy sugar”. Brown sugar, turbinado sugar, raw sugar … all pretty much the same thing as far as your body is concerned.

3. Reduce or eliminate processed carbohydrates. Most processed carbs — breads, bagels, most pastas and snacks — are loaded with flour and other ingredients that convert to sugar in your body almost as fast as pure glucose. That sugar gets stored as triglycerides, which is a fancy way of saying fat.

4. Be free of “fat-free” snacks. One of the biggest myths is that if a food is fat-free it doesn’t make you fat. Fat-free doesn’t mean calorie-free, and most fat-free snacks are loaded with sugar. Have to make it taste good right?

5. Eat in technicolor. Get more fresh vegetables and low-glycemic fruits such as berries and cherries. You have heard it before–green, red, yellow, blue, orange. Color up your grocery shopping.

6. Start reading labels. Become informed on what you are actually eating. To get rid sugar, you have to know where it’s coming from.

7. Limit artificial sweeteners. These can increase cravings for sugar and carbohydrates.

8. Look at the label where it says “total sugars” and divide the number of grams by four. That’s the number of teaspoons of sugar you are ingesting!! Shocking isn’t it?

9. Eliminate fruit juice. It’s a pure sugar hit with none of the fiber and less of the nutrients that are found in the fruit itself.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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