Well it has come to that fork in the road where the decision had to be made.
I have set up an appointment with a specialist to have my right knee totally

Yep. July 19th I have my official consultation to set up with the Dr. to have him
replace my knee joint and give me back a quality of life I have been lacking for
some time.

Now I have put this off for 1 reason—
Fear. Fear of having my leg cut in half and have a fake joint put in. Every one
is so happy that I am finally doing this. Easy for them, I’m the one getting the

Fear of actually finally getting this done, fear of being put under, fear of it
not turning out right, fear of being off work too long and financially not being
able to sustain paying our bills.

For me getting this surgery is like many people putting off what they know they
need to do to get healthy. They know they need to eat healthier and also start
an exercise program. And like my new knee this has to be a life long decision.

You see a healthy fit life isn’t a 6 week program, it isn’t trying to eat right, and
it isn’t going to give it a shot. It is adapting a new life style and making adjust-
ments along the way.

Many are afraid of change. Many are scarred of success. When they do achieve
that fat loss and drop 3 sizes they are scared of people expecting to see them
fail and blow back up which is the scenario for many.

Well just like me if you want to succeed you have to put your business out there
so you know people are watching. Now here is the mindset you have to have once
you take that leap and put your business out there for every one to see. You have
to know there is no turning back and you will succeed-no ifs, ands, or buts-period!

So I challenge you to let your friends know what you are doing, you will quickly find
out who your real friends are. If they encourage you great, if they ask why you know
you’ll just gain the weight back or you won’t stick with the exercise-get some new

Like me, you need support and encouragement. You need people in your corner to
help you take that turn in the road where there is no tuning back. This is it, you
have made the decision and it’s time to move forward.

So as I embark on having my knee replaced and getting my life back I encourage
you to get on the road to a healthier you.

I am here for you and many others are also. So time to get going and to never
be where you are today again.

I will keep you posted on my surgery and will document my recovery and progress.
I will take pictures and also post those. Why? Because by doing so I am being
accountable to thousands. I suggest you do the same and draw a line in the
sand and find yourself some accountability partners to help you on your journey.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert
Michigan’s Premier Women’s Bootcamp

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