As many of you know I was 320 pounds
in the 8th grade. Now not only did students
pick on me, but so did teachers.
One did pay for it, we’ll get to that later.

Well, to this day I fight the “Fat Kid Demons”.
Every day I have clients say “But it’s easy for
you Randy to be fit.”

I fight EVERY day to keep my mind set right so
I don’t go back and feel like the fat kid I was
in the 8th grade. I have to resist the urge to
feed my face EVERY hour to satisfy an inner
hunger for food. I have been doing this for over
36 years. To this day I fight the “Fat Kid Demons”!
And they are in their first month of trying
to drop 10 pounds for the beach this summer.

Give me a flippin’ break.
Hey you cupcake, “man” up and get your head
on straight and focus on the goal. Heck, if I can
accomplish what I have, ANY ONE can accomplish
their goals.

This may be why I have empathy for overweight
people but also why I don’t accept excuses and
keep their butt to the fire.

“But Randy, you don’t understand, I have a
hard time turing down my aunt’s cheese cake.”

Grow up you weinie.
Now I don’t exactly say that out loud, but I want
to reach out and slap the pout off their face.

Come on gang, if a 320 pound, weak as heck,
low self esteemed, pimply faced kid can go on to
stand on stage with the world’s best bodybuilders,
and can become recognized as one of the strongest
men in the world, you surely can lose that 20
pounds to look good this summer.
So get a goal, write it down, live it, and search
out help from some one who can help you get
where you want to go.

Now back to that teacher that abused the heck
out of me in the 8th grade. Hey we grow up don’t
we Mr. Johnson. Met up with him at a softball game
after I had been training for 2 years.
(I benched 60 pounds when I graduated, 2 years later
pressing 440 pounds–on my way to 700 ask me how)
Well he proceeded to try and score on a play
and I decided to cover the plate for our catcher.
Needless to say he came up swearing and he
went back down faster than he came up. Couple
operations later on his nose he decided it was
time to move on to another town so we didn’t
“run” into each other again.

Now this was in my past and now I am a fun,
lovable, polite, kind, caring husband and Elder
in my church. I have helped hundreds of people
achieve better health and fitness.

Wow, the turns that life takes us on.
Now get busy, get moving, and get fit.

To Your health,
Randy Woody
Your health & Fitness Expert
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