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Randy Woody has over 30 years real life experience in the world of health & fitness. Randy was 320 pounds as a 13 year old boy. Realizing his health was a mess, and the mirror was a constant reminder of why he was the butt of all jokes, he learned all he could on health, nutrition, weight training, and fitness. He excelled in this arena and devoted his life to it. Not only did he become a national contending bodybuilder but also lay claim to being one of the strongest men in the world bench pressing 700 pounds at 45 years old. He also became one of the most recognized fat loss experts there is. He has helped thousands of┬ápeople transform their lives and health. Some losing hundreds of pounds, some overcoming disabilities, and some becoming Ms. Universe champions. He has also coached strength athletes to many national and world records. To this day he still is learning, but has probably forgot more than most will ever know. Whether your goal is to just get fit, or to lose massive weight and get your health back, or to be brutally strong – you have landed at the right spot.

Together Randy and his wife Brenda own and operate The Better Life Fitness Center, Michigan’s premier health center. They also own Better Life Women Bootcamps, where women can come and get what they need to lose weight-get fit-and to have fun! Randy’s highest honor is serving as an Elder at Detroit World Outreach Church and with Brenda run the Health & Fitness Ministry.

Together they have graced the pages of many international magazines – FLEX, MuscleMag Intl., Muscular Deveolpment, Ironman, Muscle & Fitness, and Readers Digest. They have also appeared on many networks including ESPN, Fox, Warner Bros., PAX, Daystar, and many local stations. They are positioned as the people to see for your health and fitness needs.

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