I have so much stuff sent to me from readers from all over the globe and I must say I
really have to shake my head at so much bad and wacky information.

It seems like some of these self promoting fat loss experts think they have to come up
with some new fangled mumbo jumbo fad diet with special supplements taken at
specific times like low tide!

What a crock. People are so desperate to lose the fat that they will actually take the
time to read this stuff and send it to me and ask my opinion.

“Randy what about this new ‘super food’ that comes in a 5 lb. container and is supposedly
going to drop my fat and give me energy like a 20 year old?”

Come on, yea, a new category called a super food. Ah how about your run of the mill
meal replacement powder with a new marketing twist.

You want a meal in a blender? Put 3 ounce juice, 3 ounces water, simple whey protein,
some berries, maybe a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and some crushed ice. There
you go your own meal replacement drink.

Gang it’s not rocket science to get healthy–but it is a journey. There is so much information
out there on the internet, but the internet is like a bathroom stall, any one can write on it.
Know your source, check them out, and make sure they aren’t just trying to make a buck off
you but actually trying to help you. There are some serious marketers out there who know
the health industry in a billion dollar industry and they are marketing expert not fat loss experts.

In fact I follow some info marketers and they tell their clients that they are not fat loss experts
they are marketers!! Oh really?

Well that is my rant for the day, sorry about that.

On a side note 2 things.

1) Last week I celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary and I am a blessed man to be married to
my wonderful wife. I must say I am truly blessed.

2) Thursday the 29th I go in for surgery on my right knee. 6th one on this knee and a bigger one
that just a scope to clean things up. This one is a preliminary for a total knee replacement.
Appreciate any prayers for a successful operation and a super natural recovery. I will keep
you posted on the results this weekend.

Have a great prosperous and healthy day tomorrow and share a smile with someone.

See You At The Top,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert
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