Okay, time to come clean. After my accident and then surgery in May & June
of this year I have been on the inactive list. Between recovering, rehab, and
trying to build my business I have not worked out! That’s right, at first I couldn’t
workout as I was in too much pain and it took everything to train my clients
and just get through the day. Remember I tore all four of my quadriceps off and
my patella tendon also had to be reattached, this along with a fractured knee cap.
Now I did this on a Friday night and and m.c.’d our community 3 mile run Saturday.
(By the way I fell twice Saturday as I obviously had no support in my leg.) I then went
to the hospital and they wanted to operated Monday but I put it off til the following
Friday so I could work all week. Then I was operated on Friday and gave myself the
weekend to recover enough so I could be back to work Monday. I actually missed
no work and did my full 14 hour days without missing a beat.

I told you all this to say I didn’t realize the toll it took on me. Pain sucks! It wore me
down to where I was just plain wore down and couldn’t barely drive let alone work

Well it is now September, 3 months and 2 weeks after accident and I am 30 pounds
heavier and much weaker with muscle atrophy!! This for someone who has been in
the fitness field for over 32 years. And I am your fat loss expert. Ouch. I had done
the proverbial slip that many do life gets in the way.

As of this morning I am 261 pounds!! I should be maintaining 226-231 pounds. So you
can see I am in horrible condition. Not only is this hurting me physically it is hurting me
mentally and financially. I am I would say depressed and a lower self image which
effects my image I portray to my clients and prospects of future clients. So my income is
also down. (side bar, my insurance rate goes up 32% next month!!!). So for my health, my
mind, and for my finances I have to get back to what I have been doing for myself and
others for the last 32 years.

Time to get busy. I will document my diet, work outs and everything pertaining to my come
back for you. I will be 51 in November and by my birthday on the 19th I will be in better shape
than BEFORE my accident. So you get to come along for the ride.

Yes it will be work, yes it will be effort, yes I will get side tracked- but no I won’t fail.

This is what happens to most people, they didn’t realize it would be work, effort, and focus
obtain their goal. But once there it is easy to maintain. So for the next 2 months I will drop
30 pounds, actually more as I will put back on approximately 8-10 pounds of muscle, so the
actual fat loss will be closer to 40!

I am going to try and get some videos up of my progress, if not at least some pictures for
reference so you can see what YOU can also do in 2 months.

So the journey starts today September 10th and I will be fitter at 51 than the fatter at 50
that I became.

I can use encouragement just like any one else so please post some for me along the way.
I would greatly appreciate it.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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