The one question I get asked so many times from people who have either let themselves go, or those who

have tried everything, but can’t stick to anything is “How do I do it?” Sound like you? I believe getting

started is the hardest, followed by that 4-6 month period when you have began to reach your goals and

the motivation to push even further can fade.

These 11 Keys Will Help

1. Have an end goal in mind. What specific and measurable results do you want to achieve and in what

time period?

2. Visualize everyday how you will feel in your new fit body. Also visualize how bad you would feel if you

don’t change.

3. Know results aren’t going to happen overnight. You didn’t get that way overnight, so don’t expect to

get back into shape in one week.

4. Realize that you will be slip up, but when you do, don’t have a pit party, get right back on the plan.

5.Get with a group of supporters. You have to change the environment you were in. You need to get

around fitter and healthier people and kick to the curb the ones who won’t support your new healthy


6. You have to have fun! Work hard and appreciate how are improving.

7. Test yourself once a month. I like a pushups, ½ mile run, plank hold, ring pull-ups, and body part

measurements. All of these will be able to be checked once a month and seeing progress can give

you motivation.

8. Knowledge is power,  applied knowledge that is. Study the experts and those who have been successful

at helping other people with what you are trying to accomplish.

9. Hire an expert. This one is huge. They can cut the time down quite a bit and get you results faster

because they have had more experience than you and have helped other people just like you. Also

they can provide you with accountability to stick with it. When you are paying money you will also

be more committed!

10. Incorporate weight training at least 3 days per week.

11. Eating right will be 80% of your weight loss success. You can not out train a bad diet!

I know just the program that combines ALL tips in it. Better Life Boot Camps will provide you with these

keys listed above. If you are ready to succeed—we are ready to help. Get enrolled and join in on the fun.

Like we say “Get Fit – Lose Weight – Have Fun”

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