As an expert for the last 30 years nutrition is a subject
that is so misunderstood. Adkins Diet didn’t help any, as
people started thinking carbs were a bad thing.

Come on now, an apple bad, a sweet potato bad, oatmeal bad!!

Now-pop tarts, twinkies, pies, cakes, whit bread, etc., yes
those carbs are bad for you.

I think the fact that these man made pieces of crap are classified
carbs is what causes the problem. To even compare a ding-dong
to a cup of oatmeal is like comparing a flipping skateboard to a
maxed out Hummer. (now that’s a ride)

So I feel that we need a new classification of food. We have
proteins, fats, carbs, and now we need “flipping crap”.

So that is our new category. Yep, “flipping crap”. So if it has sugar,
flour, preservatives, and more chemicals than real ingredients it will
be in the new “flipping crap” category.

There now that should clear up the confusion on whether carbs are
good or bad for you.

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To Your Health,
Randy Woody
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