I know you are thinking what is Randy talking about? Isn’t he the one always preaching
“Real food isn’t served through windows”

Well there are people out there who are in a time crunch, maybe haven’t prepared for their
day, or have not gotten to the point yet of giving up fast food.

So for me to do my job right I need to find options for those who find themselves rolling
up on McDonald’s to order their meal (if you stop and think about it that really is crazy).

There are a few choices out there that are healthier for you than others. A couple will
actually suffice for a meal if you find yourself in a jam. Now this is only if you are in a
jam and NEED to eat. This isn’t meant for you to say “Hey, Randy said I could eat here.”
No, only if you are really needing a meal.

McDonald’s has an item I checked out called the “Chicken Chipolte Wrap” Grilled of course.
This is something that actually has protein, low in fat, and hey it’s cheap also. They also
offer a grilled chicken salad. Now these two could work for you and they are not that
unhealthy. So if in a REAL pinch and you come up on a McDonald’s order a grilled chicken chipolte
wrap or a grilled chicken salad.
Now with the salad it is important to get a light dressing and DO NOT put it on the salad.
Remember this is a salad not a soup! Dip your fork tines in the dressing then grab some
salad. This is all the flavoring you need.

Now this will really shock you, Taco Bell, yes Taco Bell, has something you could grab in a
pinch if NEEDED. I know crazy huh, Taco Bell.
Well they have a “Fresco Menu” and on it is a soft taco chicken fresco. They also have a
steak soft taco fresco. Yes these would work for you if you are needing a meal and on the road.

Now remember, this is not to suggest you eat at these places, this is if you are really in need
of something and you won’t be home or where you are going for an hour or so. So don’t go
around thinking I told you to start eating these foods. But……. if you do go there these meals
would work for you and help keep you on the road to a better you.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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