Many times it is the little things that can throw your fat loss success into a holding pattern.
Some fat loss experts decide not to tell you these, for if you adhere to these along
with a solid eating plan and exercise routine you won’t really need them and their services any
longer. So their dilemma is to stay true to their ethics and help you or to look at their bank
account and see a need for you to keep using them. Well as you can see I have no problem
sharing these with you. I know I will always have something to offer, and the more people I can
help the more I in return will be blessed.

So without further delay–here are 7 mistakes many make in their quest for fat loss that us fat loss
experts know can hold you back from losing that fat.

1) Too Many Carbohydrates.
I believe in the careful intake of complex carbohydrates. I am a proponent of low carb diets, but I know this is not a lifestyle for many to live. So I have clients take in enough carbohydrates(carbs) to fuel them, and not more than is needed as this will lead to the extras being stored as body fat. Most people simply do not train hard enough to justify a massive carb intake. A carb intake of 5 servings per day and aim for 30-50 grams of carbs per meal to shed fat is a good guideline. Start at a higher intake such as 50 grams of carbs per meal. If you lose weight, continue with 50 grams per meal. If you fail to lose, drop to 40 grams per meal, and so forth, until you hit the right amount. Most of you will not need more than 30 a meal. Consume all carbs at meals with protein. This is another fat loss expert truth.

2) Too Much Protein.
When eating to lose fat, carbs should be slowly reduced. However, many of you take an overly aggressive approach in hopes of creating an overnight miracle and cut back too far on the carbs. When you restrict carbs, your protein intake needs to increase. But over indulging in too much protein can also prevent fat loss by contributing to too many calories. As a rule, shoot for 3/4 – 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight each day. Don’t kid yourself and think you need more protein as if you are a muscle monster.

3) No Late Night Carbs.
As the day wears on into the evening, your metabolism slows down. Carbs eaten at night are less likely to be used up as fuel and are more likely to be stored as body fat. I have my clients taper down each meal so be dinner they are only eating green fibrous carbs and no complex carbs. A good dinner is lean protein and a fibrous carb. As I say “Lean and green”. You do not need the carbs to watch t.v. at night!

4) Skipping Breakfast.
Want to get lean and eat a lot? Have a great breakfast. Of your 4-5 daily meals, the one that is least likely to end up on your waist, thighs and hips is breakfast. In the morning, muscle glycogen stores are lower than during any other part of the day. When glycogen stores are low, your body’s capacity to take carbohydrates and store them as body fat is hampered. I like the car analogy–you fuel up in the morning
for the daily commute, but when you pull into the garage at night you don’t need the gas because you
are parked in the garage (or recliner).

5) Too Much Cardio.
We love the commando cardio kings and queens who perform 1-2 hours of cardio a day. (You know you’re out there!) You will send your body into a tailspin, a state where the “starvation hormones” secreted by the body skyrocket (it’s your body’s survival mechanism, a response to too much exercise!) causing fat cells to try to hold on to everything! Moderate cardio is the way to go. Five to six 30-40 minutes sessions per week is all that it takes. Any more than that and you run the risk of losing precious muscle, and we know if you lose muscle you will slow down your metabolism, and guess what–you’ll gain fat! This is why I cringe when
I go into a big chain gym and see all the sheep lined up on all the cardio equipment and bragging to each other how much cardio they do. Like it’s a badge of honor – when actually it’s a lack of knowledge.

6) Never “Cheating” on Your Diet.
You all know where I stand on this one. This is this fat loss experts weapon of choice. Have one meal a week
and let loose and satisfy your cravings, it’s helpful in losing weight. This is because constant dieting will eventually slow down your metabolism. Strict dieting also takes its toll on you mentally, and can leave you feeling deprived. That’s a bad combo! Taking in a high calorie meal once a week not only provides a mental break from dieting, but helps you side-step roadblocks by preventing the body from entering a starvation state where the metabolic rate slows. It’s what I call a “cheat meal.” Notice i said “cheat meal” not “cheat day” or you could end up blowing an entire week’s worth of progress.

7) Paying Attention to the scale only.
The bathroom scale is not the holy grail of measurement of fat loss. You can also monitor a couple of other things, primarily energy and strength. If you’re losing weight and you have plenty of energy and strength, you’re losing body fat – guaranteed. If you’re losing weight, yet feeling really tired or are seeing constant drops in your training efforts during your workouts, then you’re likely also burning off muscle tissue. My two
measuring tools for fat loss—your pants and the mirror! Yep, if your pants are getting looser and you are looking better in the mirror–throw the scale out with the doritos and get on the road to a leaner, healthier you.

I hope these “7 Mistakes Many People Make” help you. As The Fat Loss Expert it is my job to give you all
the ammo you need on the war on fat. So now you are armed and loaded so go to battle and destroy the enemy we call fat.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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