Fat Loss Expert Secret #2 Revealed


You know by me spilling the beans on this myth I am costing me and my wife
a nice income of money from the sales I could generate from my endorsement
of some of the junk out there. I mean this site is ranked #3 in the world for
“Fat Loss Expert” on google search. I have people from all over the world
who come to me for advice and answers to their problems so I am giving up a
lot of possible income from exposing this myth. But I must and I will expose it
for what it is so that you can continue trusting me.

This myth is as old as the hills, yet it persists. It must be that the thought of
melting fat from any desired part of the body is so appealing, that you want to
believe it even though you really know this can not be.

In reality your body will lose weight wherever it wants to. It’s safe to say
that you’ll lose fat “the last place on, first place off’“. So if you put on weight
first in your thighs and then on your waist, then expect it to come off your waist
first and then your thighs.

Come on now, so if you have a fat arm you could do bicep curls all day long
and according to this myth your arm would lean out! What a load of do-do.

Just focusing on crunches will not make your midsection chiseled. Hey, ab crunches
are great, and you should do them, do them to strengthen your abdominal
muscles, improve your digestion, but don’t rely on them to get skinny and get
that much wanted six pack.

Now of course by me telling you this I will be hurting the sales of all those info
commercial snake oil sales people that are hyping the “latest, greatest,
revolutionary ab workout rotary-twisting-oblique crunching-six pack mania
developer”. Yes a lot of spokes people will have egg on their face and less
of your money in their bank accounts if you will just learn this myth is just
that a myth.

I might even classify this as a lie–much worse than a myth–as people are
espousing this on television and making money off people that are desperate
to lose fat and lean down.

Well I just got blacklisted by many in the industry who promote these products
and share in the profits of them. Yes I could sell these on my website and make
a nice little income as people trust me and know I am “The Fat Loss Expert”, but
I also have ethics and can’t lie to you.

One of the common ones I see in my fitness center and boot camps is the sweat
belts that people buy to “sweat the fat” off their stomachs. Heck if that was the
just go wrap yourself in saran wrap and lay in the sun and sweat away. Let me
help you here- sweat is water and fat is fat. And if you really really believe and
click your heels together you can go home Dorothy-another fairy tale!

A trim midsection will only come as a result of proper nutrition, effective cardio
and consistent resistance training. Combing the cardio with the resistance training
into what we call interval training is the fastest most effective way to blast the
fat and to drop the flab and get fit and toned at the same time.

So when you are channel surfing at 3a.m. and come across the latest new gizmo
to melt the fat off just your abs and give you that sexy stomach–do yourself
a favor and just keep clicking that remote.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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