Well things have been going as expected. You readers have received my “Fat Loss Experts Secrets
Revealed” tips with a big thank you.

The so-called fat loss experts who proclaim to “be there for you” have raised a firestorm with me
for shedding some light on the truth behind fat loss and pulling back the curtain to reveal all the
“Wizards of Ozs” are not quite what they claim to be.

The next secret I am going to share with you disrupts the “dieting” gurus to no end.
I have used this technique a lot over the last 30 years helping bodybuilders to lose the
body fat they need to to get on stage at 6% body fat. Now none of us need to get that
low-unless you are competing on stage-and if that is that case I suggest you hire me to
walk you through the process right up to contest time. But the rest of us who are just
looking to shed those unwanted pounds this works wonders for you too obviously.

The common myth that the fat loss experts hold dear to is you must eat perfect every day
or you will fail and you are a loser with no discipline if you don’t – that just isn’t true.

There is no such thing as eating perfect, in fact when I design an eating plan for a client I
design it for that individual. I wish there was a diet I could give to every one and one diet only,
but it doesn’t work that way. In concept there are principles that if followed you will succeed
in dropping fat, but I can only work with a few people at a time as it is tales so much time I must
devote to that person.

Now back to eating perfect-ha, I haven’t eaten perfect in 32 years. Why-because if I did my
metabolism would slow down and adjust to my caloric intake and I would stop losing weight or at
least have a harder time keeping it off. No-I cheat once a week-and I mean throw down with
the grub.

This does 2 things for my body and mind. For my mind it keeps me sane and satisfies my cravings
for something I will not eat all week. I will not touch certain foods ever-that is until my cheat
meal-then I will partake in that food. Lasagna is one of, if not my favorite food, but I will not eat
this unless I save it for my cheat meal, which for me is Sundays after church.

Now what this does for my body is 2 things. I will be calorie restrictive or in maintenance during
the 6 days proceeding this meal (meal-not day). This can check or slow down my metabolism, and
and if I restrict my carbohydrate intake deplete my glycogen storage. Now if we are trying to lose weight
we do not want our metabolism to slow down or our weight loss will come to a crashing halt. So
by me having my cheat meal once a week on the same day always- I recharge my metabolism to
burning on high so the following week I will again be in the fat burning mode. This is true for every one.
Also by refilling my glycogen in my muscles I have more energy and can exercise harder to burn up
even more that if I was glycogen depleted.

This is a brief over view of the system I have been using for 30 years with great success as my
track record with bodybuilding champions along with clients who have lost the weight they desired
will prove. I will go into more detail in the next “Fat Loss Expert Secrets Revealed” tip or myth
as I expose the truth behind losing weight.

Until then relax and know that perfect is reserved for one-and it isn’t us! So enjoy life and know there
is a light at the end of that tunnel we call weight loss struggles and I will help you get there.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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