What the fat loss experts won’t tell you I will.

I will probably lose my Bally’s and Gold’s Gym friendly status after this!

If you go into any big commercial gym you will see that half of the gym is dedicated to
cardio equipment. Bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and such. Why does a business dedicate
that much money and space to this equipment? Because the public demands it. Why
does the public demand it, because they have been DUPED into thinking that aerobic
activity is the answer to all their weight problems.

“What do you mean Randy?”

I mean that people have been buffaloed into thinking that if they get on the treadmill
for so many minutes every night they will “burn” the fat they carry and get that elusive
6-pack that they see splashed on advertising all over. Where did this myth come from?

Heck where did the exercise ball idiocy come from? That is a real winner in the world of
marketing a useless object. Where did the “work the core” slogans come from? They
came from people writing a book or selling something to make a buck–that’s where.
You know those fat loss experts who are selling their latest greatest new fat burning
method that you have to have. The human body has not changed–muscles burn fat
still to this day.

Listen, if you want to get lean build some muscle and move it. That’s right get bigger to
get smaller. Huh? Put on some muscle you either have lost over time or build some new
muscle and get it moving and use it. I am not talking about looking like The Hulk, I am
talking about putting a thin layer of muscle on you. Muscle burns calories just having it,
then if you start using it and moving it you increase the calorie burning action tremendously.
This will give you the fat loss you are looking for.

I can take an overweight person, never touch a piece of cardio equipment and peel the fat
off them fast, and still allow them to eat more than a person who spends their days watching
Oprah while pedaling away.

When I go from powerlifting at 320 to being fit at 230 I never once, not once, did any type of
cardio. The most I walked was from the couch to the bathroom! And I have done this many
times. And I now stay at 230-235 and still don’t do cardio. (injuries)

How did I lose all that fat? I moved the muscle I had and worked out 1 hour 3 days a week.

Will this work for everyone–if you have as much muscle as me it will.

Muscle burns calories more efficiently, so you can eat an adequate amount of food to provide
the body with nutrients that it needs, without the worry of gaining unhealthy body fat. Also
because you can only diet so low, as you do cardio until the cows come home, you will lose
muscle unless you feed the body and give the muscles resistance training to keep them. But
cardio kings and queens don’t, and as they lose muscle their metabolism slows and they have
to lower their calories even more, then more. Then before you know it they are deficient in
nutrients their body requires and then they are a real mess.

Am I against doing cardio? Absolutely not. It is heart healthy and great for your circulatory
system. Is it the magic to getting lean–hardly. But the fat loss experts that could care less
if you succeed won’t tell you this. Well actually they do care if you succeed, if you succeed
they are out of business. Shoot, take the cardio out of the gyms and you wouldn’t have
enough members to pay the light bill.

So when you go to a gym, remember you are going to a gym to build muscle. Yes ladies, you too.
Remember a paper thick sheet of muscle. When you go to the track you are going there to
run or walk. Use the gym what it was intended for and you will be blessed with the results you
are after.

Take this scripture to heart–Hosea4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

Listen up and learn and win at this game of life.

Here are some side benefits of weight training that you will receive also.

Weight training can increase your bone density. This will help you to prevent osteoporosis and prevent injuries.

Weight training increases body balance and body awareness.

You can enhance your physical appearance. Not everyone is blessed with proportionate body parts. A person can actually transform their body by filling out certain areas of their body with muscle. You can widen the shoulder girth, fill out the buttocks, reshape the legs and arms, fill out the chest area for more fullness, or widen the back to give the illusion of a smaller waistline. Everyone can have a balanced body if they choose to through smart weight training!(ain’t going to happen on a treadmill)

You will increase confidence and mental image.

You will feel alive! You will be so in tuned to your body.

This my friends is why I will tell you to weight train. If Richard Simmons is your role model of a body,
dance away. If not get lifting weights.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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