fatbastard0fo1 GET IN MY BELLY!!

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. Is this the picture of what most wives will see come half time of this event

that takes hold of the American male and puts him in a state of total gluttony? WOW!!

Guys (and some gals) use this football game as an excuse to drink and drink themselves into a total

coma. I just don’t get it.

Sure, it’s the last football game of the season. And I will tell you my favorite team is in it, the Steelers.

Steelers e1296947978346 GET IN MY BELLY!!

But I doubt if I will watch much of it, let alone through out all reasoning of sanity and throw large

amounts of garbage food and alcohol down my throat.

You all that are out shopping and planning and getting all amped up and calling all your friends

over to watch “The” game on your big screen, do every one a favor and serve up some chicken

breasts baked with your favorite ht sauce. Bake up some sweet potato chips, have a large veggie

tray and serve up pitchers of ice tea and bottled water. After all you are getting together to

watch the Steelers win–not to have a food orgy right?

veggies e1296948306391 GET IN MY BELLY!!

This reminds me of St. Patrick’s day when everyday body discovers they are of Irish decent

and goes out and gets liqueured up. Or on Fat Tuesday when you decide it’s time for you to be

Polish and pick up your box on lard fried jelly doughnuts and be the hero at the coffee break at

your work.

We wonder why the good old U.S.of A. is the #1 country in the fastest growth in obesity stats.

What excuse do we need to wallow at the food trough? Birthday, anniversary, after church,

the great buffet? How about going on a cruise– all I hear about is the food they ate, not the ports

they visited.

fat drunk e1296948585904 GET IN MY BELLY!!

Yep. Super Bowl Sunday is your day to throw all sense to the wind and throw your New Years’

Resolution out with the garbage, and pack it in and throw it down.

I will say one good thing comes of this.

Job security for me and other fat loss experts!!

To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your fat Loss Expert

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