Well by the title you can guess what I’m doing today.

Dr. Lederman preformed the surgery and I do recommend him. He said he cleaned
out a ton of debris, bone spurs, and some other stuff. Said I have space between
my bones now, but severe arthritis (bummer). Well actually his words were I had
the knee of an 89 year old who didn’t take care of himself. Well I said praise God
for keeping me walking this long.

So he feels with the space in there now we can inject some fluid in there to give me
a cushion in the joint. Temporary fix, but hey let’s try that and put off the total
joint replacement as long as we can!!!

I received so many well wishes and prayers from all over that it truly was a humbling
experience. Very emotional for me to have touched so many people in so many places
that they would take the time to send me a message of prayer of well wishes.
This made the surgery go so easy for me. I was in the pre-op room just humming and
smiling and praising God. I know I am doing what I was called to do–help others get
their lives and health in order.

A bright note, as I looked forward to the surgery I felt it was finally a step forward and
I dropped 12 pounds in the 10 days after scheduling it! Yep, lifted some depression off
me and got my mind focused on moving forward. The pain I was experiencing wasn’t
just physical, it was emotional also. I was very limited in what I could do the last 2 years
and that played on my mind as my body is my business (or so I thought). Well like I
said after scheduling the surgery I felt a stress relief and knew I was taking a step
forward and my mind shifted gears and I put my eating plan in order and off came the

So like the title says PAIN- can cause problems, emotional pain and the such. So find
what is paining you–dig deep–and cut that off at the root and take that step forward
and I guarantee you will be able to move forward just like me.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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