…and she didn’t care!

Yes, Saturday night  just as things were heating up Brenda

came home expectingly. I was sweating, and working it.

Yep, the ground sirloin was browning in the pan, the refried

beans were heating up on the stove, and I was sweating from the

habenaro salsa! Yes, it was my cheat meal for the week.

Homemade burrittos, refried beans, and chips and salsa.


You are in total shock. Well Brenda wasn’t.

You ask-”What is my fat loss expert eating like this for?”.

You see as you go on a calorie and carbohydrate restictive

diet to lose body fat the body will go into a mode of self

preservation if you will.

Our ancestors didn’t know when their next meal would be so

the body had a mechanism where it would slow down the metabolism,

stop producing leptin (a hormone that allows your body to use

fat for energy) all to protect you against starvation.


So as I diet 6 days a week, I will have my cheat meal on Saturday

night to stoke up my metabolism for the folowing week so I can

burn more fat for energy.

So I  put off all those pyschcological cravings for a week and

I can have them on a meal once a week.I said meal, not day.

Also this is not a liscense to over eat and binge like a truly

starving person. But do eat more than you allow yourself during

the week. Your body will respond by turning up the heat and burn

more calories for you as you get back on your dieat for the

next 6 days. And doing this will help you put off eating what

you shouldn’t as you know if you just wait until your cheat meal

you can have that little extra you are craving. helps keep you

on track, both mentally and physically.

So, like I said Brenda caught me cheating, but she actually

helped prepare my meal.


Oh and desert was great! icon smile BRENDA CAUGHT ME CHEATING!

To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Fat Loss Expert

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