Success is a mind set that is different for each individual. To some success is losing
10 pounds and being content still 15 pounds over ideal weight. To some success is
taking their body to the extreme and getting to 5% body fat and getting on stage
before thousands. What ever you vision of success is for you there is a model to help
you achieve that success. Without it you will fail-period.

What is a model? A model is a plan starting at point A and ending at what you determine
success to be.

The model I am going to cover is the “5 P’s Of Success”

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Proper – thought out inline with what you wish to accomplish. What is is that you wish to do,
does it line up with your idea of a successful ending? It is not proper to have ice cream in
your freezer and start a diet. It is not proper to stop off at the bar with friends when you are
supposed to be at boot camp. It is not proper to keep saying “next week”.

Preparation – Do the things that need to be done to guarantee you have at your disposal
the tools that you need to succeed. Say for instance do you have adequate chicken breasts
in your fridge for the upcoming week? Have you put in your schedule and blocked off the time
for you to exercise? Have you told others of your goal so you have accountability? Have you
put down a time line to get this done?

Prevents – By having the chicken breast that are part of your diet that you will use to drop
the fat you desire you will not fall victim to grabbing something you shouldn’t. For instance
I use Sunday night as my prep night for the week. I will cook 14 breasts, 7 sweet potatoes,
and cut up a large mixing bowl of salad. Now I am prepared for the next 5 days with my main
food items. Done. Throw in eggs for breakfast and a protein drink for a snack and I have all
my meals for the week.

Poor – You can either do god or you can do poorly. If you do poorly you will not succeed.
If you do not prepare the foods you need, if you don’t go grocery shopping with list, if you
hang out with co-workers who try and get you to eat the swill they eat- you will do
poorly. In my world there is win or lose. No almost. Either you go for it and win or you
preform poorly and fall short-lose.

Performance – This is the actual action put in place of all the other steps of success. You
will not preform if you fail at the steps outlined above. You will only be going through the
motions of thinking you are doing something when you are really just moving through life
and not taking care of what you so desire. That must be a lonely and miserable feeling.
I would hate to want to do something good for myself but never really put the real effort
forward to accomplish what I really, really, want to do. That would basically suck.

So these are the 5 P’s for Success. Use them in you system to lose fat. For without them
next month you will guess what—still be fat.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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