I am asked “Randy you just had surgery 3 days
ago, should you be walking on your leg and
working so soon?”

Well, maybe in your world no I shouldn’t. But
in my world there are excuses for not doing
what you need to be doing and deeling with
a little pain is one of them.

I could sit home, dope myself up and use my
surgery as an excuse for being lazy. Or I can
get out there, deal with the pain, and keep
moving forward.

I am called being excessive. What! The pain
in my leg is nothing compared to the pain of
not moving forward. If I was to look back 6
months from now and not moved forward that
would hurt me more than my leg.

So you need to ask yourself–what pains you?
Are you too fat? Are you too weak? Are you
too stiff? Are you lacking energy? Are any of
these pains enough to get you moving?

If not, the pain of looking back next year and
seeing you are no better off than this year
will be very painful.

So get moving, get a goal, and push forward.
Make it hurt you if you don’t move forward.
Make it personal, make it a burning desire in
you. Yes, have people call you excessive.
For I’d rather that than have excuses.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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