Yea baby, 2011 is here and it’s time for me to get real and let you all know what’s up!

I want to share some valuable lessons I learned in 2010 and will use to make it a

great 2011. And I’m hoping to impart some wisdom on you from my lessons so

you too can experience a great 2011 and not have to deal with some of these things.


I know of three types of crabs. There are the ones you do not want to bring home!

Then there are the great tasty ones we love to eat.


And then there are those bottom feeding scum suckers that like crabs

will try to pull you back into the bucket they live in! You know those “crabs”

I’m talking about. The “friends” who tell you not to even bother trying to lose

weight because you always fail. The ones who don’t want you to succeed because if you do

they have no excuse not to.


Like real crabs in a bucket as you are climbing your way

out they will reach up and grab you and pull you back down to be with them.

I have seen many, and I mean many clients get pulled right back into the hole

they were so close to clearing the rim of, before their “friends” gave them such

guilt for not doing the Friday night scene any more, or not being the one they

could count on to share that pizza with. Well these are not friends–these are CRABS.

If they were friends they would be encouraging you and helping you in any way they

could to reach your goals. Tell you what to do with these crabs–toss ‘em into the

flipping water and don’t look back.



No, but close.

The vampires I’m talking about don’t suck your blood but they do suck the

life out of you. Negative, crabby, pessimistic, just plain miserable people.


Oh yea girlfriend let’s hang out!

You would be shocked how many people I see that allow these vampires

to drain the life out of them. And I mean allow, because it is real easy to

just say no and not let these vampires into your life. I am very careful

who I allow into my inner circle. They will not be dream stealers, vampires,

or the above mentioned crabs. I bet you pay more attention to your

computer getting infected with a virus than you do yourself downloading

junk from those you allow into your circle. Trust me–my ear and eye gate

is protected more than my desktop. Don’t let these life sucking vampires

into your life. In the famous words of Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” the next

time a crab or a vampire tries to get time with you.

Did I experience some crabs and vampires in 2010? Not in my personal

life but I did see this happen to some of my clients who were so close to

stepping into the place where they would never look back. So close.

So here’s to a great 2011 for you and may the only crabs you come across

are steamed and drenched in butter. And as far as vampires go– shoot

I won’t go to a movie to watch that junk so I sure ain’t going to hang out with


To Your Health,


Your fat Loss Expert

p.s. but hey next time you see me ask me about them werewolves!!!


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