Fat Loss Experts Secrets Revealed

Yes, there are secrets that us fat loss experts have that make us the fat loss ninjas!!

I know you want me to reveal these secrets so you can marvel in the depth and
complexity of them. Some people can handle them some can’t, this is why they are
such closely guarded secrets. We, like the magicians you see on television have
secrets that we keep closely guarded in our “brotherhood”.

Well I am about to blow the lid off of the industry and share these secrets with you!
Do not share these with just any one as they will not be able to handle what you tell
them. You may lose some friends, you may gain some enemies, but one thing you
will do if you apply them is lose fat.

That is why you came to this site right? You wanted to learn how to once and for ever
lose that fat and keep it off.

Please understand I am sharing these secrets with you at my own risk of being hunted
down by the so-called fat loss experts out there who are keeping these from you so you
keep coming back for more so they can fill their wallets while you stay in search of the
holy grail of fat loss for you. I will be terminated from the “brotherhood” and be on my
own, so if you take these fat loss secrets you must apply them or my efforts and my
bravery of sharing these will be all for nothing.

Are you ready? Are you seriously ready? Can you handle the truth? I am serious.
What I am about to share with you will either be a profound revelation to you or you
will totally miss it and just shut me down and never listen to me again.

I am really risking a lot here. So I have to know you are serious and not just kicking
the tires. If you are not serious quit reading now and go to Facebook and tell every
body what you did in Mafia Wars today.

I am giving you one last chance to leave…………..

Okay, you are still here so you must be serious. There are many secrets so I will have to
break them down and give you one a day. I feel this is all I can share as I can write on
each one for pages. I will try and be to the point but these fat loss secrets I am going to
reveal if applied will set you free.

SECRET #1. You must have a vision of what you want and why. You cannot go anywhere
unless you know where you are headed and why you are going there. This is Biblical and
is very profound.
Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision the people will perish”.
This applies to you and your fat loss goals and body goals. If you have no idea of what you
want to accomplish, you cannot plot a course of getting there. And if you do not have a
strong enough “why” you will take a side road when you get distracted and get lost on your

” Yea Randy, this sucks” Right now some of you are saying that, and I will say Oh really–
go look in the mirror and tell me if you have succeeded in your past quest to achieve the
body and health you were after. If you have–why are you here at this site?

So get honest with yourself and get out a piece of paper and pen, go to a quiet room, and
pray and mediate on what you want to accomplish. Can you really see yourself in the final
stage of your vision for yourself? Do you have a concrete vision of what you want for
yourself? Why do you want that? Is it vanity? Is it pride? If so that’s not enough — you have
to have a real reason for reaching that vision.

I will share mine for you so you can get a grasp of how important this is. I was always the biggest
and strongest guy around. I mean I was 320 pounds at 5″9″, I was lifting weights that no one else
would even attempt. I also would “cut” up for contests in bodybuilding on the national level and
strut my stuff for thousands to admire. My whole being was in my flesh. I also used my strength
and size for business that was not very friendly – I collected debts for dealers, bookies, and I
worked the club circuit as an enforcer. Not very nice stuff. But then after getting saved I got
revelation that my body wasn’t mine, but was the “temple of the holy spirit” and I knew I was
doing a disservice. Before I did not have a vision of health, fitness, or representing. Now I had a
why of being healthy, being fit, being a great role model and sharing the knowledge that I had
with others. If I had not gotten this vision for myself I would probably be 330 pounds, high
blood pressure, angry, and a total mess. Instead I maintain 230-245 pounds, awesome health,
and a positive role model and coach for others.

So I am serious about secret #1, if you do not have a vision and a why don’t come back for
secret #2 on Friday.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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