Okay, so all the talk about health care reform is driving me nuts. One reform that we as a nation need is
fat loss reform. We are an obese nation, period. If you want to cut down on medical issues put
America on a diet.
Then our new surgeon general is introduced and guess what–she’s obese!!
Great choice. That’s like the Marlboro Man telling you not to smoke. Here we have the fattest nation
in the world and our health czar is fat! Great.
I guess this is where self responsibility comes in. You are in control of your health (mostly). Most
ailments and diseases are nutrition related. Now we are going to have a fat person telling us how to
be healthy. Yep, that should work.
I tell you what, get hold of a professional recognized personal trainer (I know of one) and get on
your own health care reform program starting right now.
Come on, the only reason you are fat is because you eat too much. Ain’t rocket science. Now some hormones and things come into play on us as we age, and some folks have medical issues, but the majority of you
that are fat you love food more than health.
Some one said to me today in fact, “Randy do you hate fat people?” ABSOLUTELY NOT.
I have empathy for them as I was a severely obese child weighing 320 pounds in the 7th grade. I feel for
those that are fat. But now as a fat loss expert my job is to help people lose their fat. If it takes a hug I’ll
hug, if it takes a kick I’ll kick.
But get one thing straight, if you are fat you are setting yourself up for having to use that insurance
to take care of you later down the road.
Let’s get healthy gang, and start by losing that extra fat that is “hanging” around.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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