….and she didn’t care!

It had been a long week, I was tired and wore down. I trained my last
client at 11:30 Saturday and headed home. Thoughts were racing through
my head as I had been deprived all week.

When I got home Brenda was out and I knew she wouldn’t be back for quite
awhile. So I decided I was going to take care of business and go for broke.

But then unexpectantly Brenda came home just as things were heating up!

Yep, the ground sirloin was browning in the pan, the refried beans
were heating up on the stove, and I was sweating from the
habenaro salsa! Yes, it was my cheat meal for the week.
Homemade burritos, refried beans, and chips and salsa.

You ask-”What is my health & fitness expert eating like this for?”.

You are in total shock. Well Brenda wasn’t.

You see as you go on a calorie restrictive diet to lose body fat
the body will go into a mode of self preservation if you will.
Our ancestors didn’t know when their next meal would be so
the body had a mechanism where it would slow down the metabolism,
stop producing leptin (a hormone that allows your body to use
fat for energy) all to protect you against starvation.

So as I diet 6 days a week, I will have a cheat meal on Saturday
night to stoke up my metabolism for the following week so I can
burn more fat for energy.

So put off all those psychological cravings for a week
and you can have them in a meal once a week.I said meal, not day.

Now this is not a license to over eat and binge like a truly
starving person. But do eat more than you allow yourself during
the week. Your body will respond by turning up the heat and burn
more calories for you as you get back on your diet for the
next 6 days. And doing this will help you put off eating what
you shouldn’t as you know if you just wait until your cheat meal
you can have that little extra you are craving. helps keep you
on track, both mentally and physically.

For me I am on my ketogenic diet so I eat proteins and good fats
during the week. Come Saturday I will have around 400 carbohydrates
in just that one meal. And I will tell you my body heats up and starts
burning, I will actually start sweating.

So I was down to 253 pounds from 261 in my first week on my
“51 and Fit Project”. This was Friday morning. Now hold on
as I weighed in at 262 pounds Sunday morning!

The larger you are the more water your body will hold. I had a
large amount in me Sunday. Now my body is actually burning more calories
at a higher rate and I am losing fat. But with the water retention it
can play games with your mind. I know what is going on so I
don’t let it bother me, and I know I will lose approximately 4 more
pounds this week. So my goal to weigh in this Saturday morning is
248-249 pounds.

Then we know what time it is Saturday afternoon—cheat time.

So, like I said Brenda caught me cheating, but she actually
helped prepare my meal.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your fat Loss Expert

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