As THE Fat Loss Expert I get requests from all over the globe for HELP.

Whether a mother wanting to drop that last 10 pounds of baby fat fast,

the competitive bodybuilder needing to be sliced for their contest WITHOUT

sacrificing their hard gained muscle, or for the average person just wanting

to get back to looking good and being healthy.

My standard fee is $150.00 for a consultation and $99.00 a month for continued

support and keep them dialed in for fat loss. Bodybuilders are a whole other price that

I will not go into here. For those that can’t see me in person there is a fee of $100.00

to connect with me and an ongoing fee of $99.00 a month that they must commit to

for the period of time I tell them based on their goals.

Well I will say there is an opportunity to gain access to one of the methods that I have

been using for over 30 years with proven success at a fraction of what I charge.

This is a NEW book written by one of the industries best contest preparation guys out there.

He laid it all out there for you to access for a LOW one time price and have a program that

I endorse whole heartily with no reservations. Shelby Starnes joined up with Chris McCombs

and brought to the public an awesome  program that WORKS!


You all know I am THE Fat Loss Expert. I cannot risk my name that I have earned

over the last 32 years earning by promoting products. As you know this is ONLY

the second product I have endorsed in the history of my writings to you.

So if you are serious about losing fat, maintaining your hard fought for muscle,

getting toned, losing those hips and thighs once and for all you NEED to go and

check out this great book that I do recommend and buy it now before they raise

the price.

I will tell you that if you can work with me personally it is still the best, but if you

can’t–you will be blessed by this program.

Shelby’s New Release

To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your fat Loss Expert

Randy Recommends Pro/Grade Supplement

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