One of the so-called fitness experts,
who really is just a guy selling info that
is already out there and putting himself
out there as an expert, just posted an
e-mail that is full out just plain B.S.

I subscribe to his e-mails so I can
see what some of these “experts” are
passing off as advise to the masses
who are hungry for results.

His advise this week was to do
a 1 minute squat! Ya, start in the
bottom position of a squat and take
30 seconds to go up and 30 seconds
to go down.

Duh, what will that do
for you other than produce lactic
acid? Ah-ha, if you feel this burn
from the lactic acid you MUST be
getting results right? WRONG!
Hey if that works grab a can of
soup and curl it 200 times and get
the biceps of Conan. Don’t work like
tha Sparky.

And this guy is an online millionaire
who because he said he was an expert
people believed him. Give me a flipping

Gang, you want results, you are going to
have to work. You have to put the muscle
under enough resistance to stimulate growth.
You all know 6-12 reps upper body, 8-15
reps lower body. Use weight that makes you
fail attempting more reps than that.

I will say I am an expert at both building
muscle and taking off fat. And you will never
hear me tell you to do a one minute squat.
What a bunch of crap.
To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your health & Fitness Expert

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