Spring has sprung and you know summer is just
around the corner.

Oh, oh. Time to wedge that rear into last years
swimsuit. Go ahead I’ll wait while you try it on.

Well, how did you look?

You gonna turn heads or turn stomachs at the
beach this summer ladies?

What about you guys? You suffering from “Dunlap”
disease? You know your belly “dunlapped” over your

Hey I know it was a rough winter and the comfort food
was just impossible to ignore. Well now is the time to
light a fire under your butt and take care of business.

Cut the food, get moving, and don’t stop.

You know what to do, now go do it.

If you don’t know what to do for goodness sakes
get hold of someone who can help you.

So limit the sugar, flour, and salt and that would be
your first step. No fast food, and don’t eat 3 hours
before going to bed.

Get walking and start doing some weight resistance
training. And don’t be a whuss. Push yourself, it’s
called working out not “funning” out. It better be
hard and it better kick your butt. If not don’t waste
your time. Just stay home and crack another beer and
grab a bag of chips and resign yourself to being a loser.

“Oh, Randy you are so mean.”

Oh, and you are so fat.

Come on I love ya, I just know what it takes
and most won’t do it without a kick in the pants.

So I’m here to do the kicking.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert Michigan #1 Women Boot Camp Brenda and Women Health Supplements

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