Well it is time to sit down and go over your New Year’s

resolutions.  Do you know that 98% of the people who

have New Year’s resolutions fail? Only 8% succeed at what

they start out the New Year confessing to accomplish.


Now I am not trying to paint a negative picture here. What

I  am going to do is help increase that 8% hopefully.


People fail because they adopt the “all or nothing” attitude.

They are going to drop 50 pounds by June, drop 4 dress

sizes by May, increase their time doing cardio by 1 hour

every day.


All good intentions but wrong mindset. How about dropping

1-2 pounds per week until you reach your desired weight loss.

How about reaching for healthy snacks instead of drive thru.

How about just walking every day for 20 minutes.


Now these are easily obtainable goals for any one. But over the

duration of 2009 you will have lost that 50 pounds, you will

have dropped those dress sizes, you will have increased your



You see, these are long term goals, and with a fitness professional

guiding along the way you will succeed, and you will turn 2009

into a year of victory.


So instead of being one of the 98%, how about getting with some

one to help you and increase that 8% of those that do succeed.


To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert




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