Are you moving forward towards a goal
or are you moving away from it?
You can’t stand still–impossible. So
either you are moving forward are falling

Which is it?

Hopefully you are always in the process
of moving forward. There will be times
where you will slip up, slide back, or just
plain fall on your face. But do you get up
and keep moving forward or do you throw
your hands up in despair, have a pity party,
and start going backwards?

I tell ya, last time I threw a pity party for
myself no one else showed up. Talk about
a lousy party.

Gang, here is the key. Do you have a goal?
If you don’t have a goal get one. make it a
short term goal that you can attain. Let’s start
there. After we succeed with that goal let’s
set another one that will stretch you just a
little. Not alot yet. Now after we succeed there
we will set another goal, just stretching us a little

The reason I want you going in baby steps is
because success breeds success. Achieve a couple
goals and you will have the mind set that you
can achieve the things you put your mind to.
Many people set crazy goals, don’t follow through
and remember their failures when they think about
moving forward the next time.

Hey what happened last time has nothing to do
with this time– other than you thinking you always
fall short. This is why I want you setting small
attainable goals so you get used to succeeding.

So let me hear some of your short term fitness and
health goals you are putting out there. Oh, you
will have a 78% higher success rate by having an
accountability partner. So post your goals and me and
my readers will be your accounatbility partners.
To Your Success.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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