Now let me ask you a question, are those healthy

foods? Duh…NO! So answer me this–why in the world

would a person who got fat and obese and unhealthy

eating this crap buy a diet program that brags about

letting you eat this?


You have Nutri-systems, Jenni Craig, Weight Watchers all

making this garbage available to you in the quest for

dropping that fat you put on eating this in the first place!


Now there is a difference between losing fat and being healthy.

I can put a 300 pounder on a diet of slurpees and crack

cocaine and I will guarentee you they will lose weight.

You see there is a difference between losing weight and

getting healthy.


If you go to the freezer section of your grocery store and

see hot dogs and cheese cake being sold by a weight loss

conglomerate—you know it ain’t about health.

“Hey but I was under my points today.” What in the samhill

doest that have to do with learning how to eat healthy?


I have been counseling people for 30 years on the aspects

of getting healthy, and it is a lack of knowledge. Most people

I counsel don’t even know what a protein or carbohydrate is.

So you drop the weight, you don’t have a clue on how to eat

healthy, and as soon as you stop buying their processed

packaged foods, you gain back more weight than ever–

actually more fat–because you lost muscle on their low

calorie garbage diet. And now you still don’t know how to eat

healthy, don’t know a macro-nutrient from  macaroni.


Hey, they do not care about real health, they care about making

your wallet leaner as much as making you leaner.


Get with a professional, get some guidance, educate yourself

and save money, save your health, and then help others do

the same.


To Your Health,

Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert

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