Just received an email from a new client that really touched us. We get so many like this and if you

could see them you would know why we take our profession so serious. Man, people trust us with

their lives. This isn’t a game, or a part time gig. This is what we are called to do and are so honored

and humbled that God uses us to touch people’s lives. If you don’t get choked up reading this you

need to check your pulse. This is why Brenda and I sleep so well at night.

“I just wanted you to know how much better I feel about myself since I started coming to workout

in the morning with Brenda and Jennifer. She asked me the first week if I was having fun and I was

thinking hell no, but after I gave it some real thought, it is fun.  I leave there feeling like I did the right thing,

soaking wet, but I can breath more deeply than I have in a long time. Brenda is so positive and always smiling

and very kind and helpful and motivating and just wonderful. Jennifer is very sweet and considerate and

caring when I need help. I still don’t know what I’m doing yet but I want to come and I know this is where

I need to be.

My daughter and nieces were signing up and I started asking questions and because I am 62, I would say

“I can’t”, then the next sentence was “yes I can, then “no I can’t” and after about 1 week of praying about it,

and asking God to give me courage, I decided that “I can do what I can”. I was thinking that I weigh 320 lbs

and I was getting bigger than I have ever been.

I joined RFA, (Recovery from food addiction) it’s 12 step group for food addicts and I learned how to eat

and gave up sugar flour & wheat but I would still relapse and  over eat and it’s just been a vicious cycle.

My daughter was talking about changing her life and asked me if I would like to go with her. I thought

this was perfect, I am with someone that I love and cares about me and we could do this together and

my nieces were encouraging me. It was just such a God thing I get goose bumps thinking about it.

Then I was worried about putting it on my credit card and was asking if I could pay cash and I know I

spend that much on junk and I was going to do it no matter what. But Monday morning I got this email

at work from my daughter and my children had gotten together and I have 6 of them and the each are

making 2 payments (one for my birthday present and one for my Christmas present), so they are paying

for the year worth of me coming. So I will be there if I wake up and just wanted to let you know how

excited I am and sore I am and I have never gone to bed this early in my life.”

Nice to meet you, Louise (Weezie)

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