51 and FIT PROJECT – Update

Okay, my goal was 249 Saturday morning.
Drumroll…… I weighed in at 251. Aw, now I am going to quit and just say the
heck with it and have a cheese cake.

No I’m not. But that is what a lot of people do. I am still making progress, and
even if I wasn’t what is the other choice–go back to eating unhealthy and
putting more fat on and being miserable?

Not a hard decision really is it? Keep plugging along. Don’t quit on your goals,
keep moving forward.

I believe the reason I didn’t achieve my goal is I experimented with lunch meat,
yep I used deli turkey breast instead of real chicken breast and I actually gained 2
pounds of water weight (I believe) from eating it. I was seeing the effects of eating
this so I could tell my clients from my own experience why (besides cancer causing agents)
they shouldn’t eat processed meat and stick to real meat. Cancer doesn’t seem to be
real enough to some but hey not losing weight is. Go figure.

This week I will also try and work out more. Last week was physically rough for me,
no excuses but I really hurt in my knees and lower back and it really zapped me from
doing much of anything.

So without further ado I am now a week closer to November 19th and the close of
my “51 and FIT PROJECT”.

This week’s goal is to see my weight be 247 Saturday morning.

I am right now after Saturday’s cheat meal–close your eyes–260!!!

Yipes! 260 Sunday night, and I want to be 247 Saturday morning!! We will
see what happens.

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Randy Woody
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