I have to brag some on our clients who have completed another month of
our awesome boot camps for women (and now co-ed also) in Michigan. We
are pleased to announce that the fat lost by this group is phenomenal. The
strength gained has been incredible. We have had clients go from 4 push-ups on
their knees (with bad form) to completing 30 push-ups on their toes with perfect
form. Hey guys this was one of our ladies campers! We have had clients go
from not being able to walk the 1/2 mile course to running it non-stop!

Our Premier Women Boot camps of Michigan is just that– the premier package
for people of all ages and physical conditions to make dramatic improvements
in their lives. We have an advantage over other “bootcamps” in that we are the
ONLY indoor dedicated facility for this in Michigan. This is what we do and we do
it great. You don’t have to worry about rain, mud, dirty clothes, too hot, or too
cold. You don’t have to worry about other people in those box gym atmoshperes
watching you–every one who is there is participating and pushing themselves to
the next level of health & fitness.
Trust me when I say the atmosphere is contagious- when you have every one there
encouraging each other and all having the same goal-getting better than yesterday-
you will be caught up in it.

We also cover nutrition and just gave out our “exam” and the knowledge that every
one gained is invaluable and will go along way in them living a better life and also that
of their families. Good job gang.

We will be announcing the winners of out walking contest, they that participated wore
a pedometer for the month and the wineers will receive certificates for supplements.
Paid for us! Of course we didn’t give away McDonald coupons.

If you see some one who is part of the Better Life family, they are easily recognizable
by their posture, attitude, smile, and vibrant way- congratulate them for being a great
role model for others and their families.

If any of this interests you- you know losing fat, getting fitter, having fun-well there are
limited spots still available for next session starting up. If I was you I would register now at

Boot Camp Sign Up

I again want to thank the awesome Better Life family and am amazed at how great they are
and am so proud of them letting me be a part of the family.

If you want to be part of something positive and moving forward, get hooked up with the
Boot camp family and be part of an elite group of people changing lives starting with their own.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

Michigan’s Premier Women Boot Camps (co-ed now also)
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