Michigan Women Boot Camps Fight Global Warming

Yes indeed. We are celebrating our one year anniversary and are proud of what
our members have accomplished. As a group we have lost over ONE TON of FAT!!

That’s right our women have lost over a ton of fat in the last year! That folks is
alot of fat.

Now figure the dire scare of the earth melting according to Al “Rotund” Gore, and
you can see how we are helping the fight against global warming. Less food consumed,
less time idling in drive-thrus, less flatulence, less heavy breathing after taking the stairs.
So not only are these women living a healthier better life–they are helping the planet
stay off global warming.

The success of these women is why we have started up a co-ed boot camp this month so
the men could share in the success and do their part to fight this evil global warming.

Looking forward to losing 2 tons of fat this year and doing our part to have a healthier people,
plus a safer planet!!

In fact I am offering an open invitation to Al “Rotund” Gore to come out for free, and bring
Tipper. We can help you and by doing so you can help your “cause”.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your health & Fitness Expert

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