“Oh no Randy, not that low carb talk again.”

Ah yes, Grasshopper. Let the master fat loss expert explain.

We just want to control insulin, so we do this by going on a low carb diet.
By low carb I am talking less than 3% of your calories coming from carbs.

You will use fat for energy after your body gets used to this. It takes an average of
4 days for my body to convert from using carbs for energy to fats. The brain no longer looks
for stored glucose for energy and use my fats for it’s energy source.

This isn’t rocket science, but you do need to get the ratios of lean protein and essential fats
down for your body. And yes essential fats help your body burn fat for energy!! Read that
again so it sinks in. I have ran across too many clients who paid me for my advice then
decided they would just cut out the fats and drop the weight faster. Well they were no
longer doing what I prescribed and now doing there own thing and most lost lean muscle
tissue along with fat. Our goal is to preserve the muscle and even add some and get rid of
that unhealthy ugly fat.

Let me spill the beans to you–this works and is fine for your body. I am not advocating
eating bad fats like bacon and butter, but yes salmon, natural peanut butter, almonds,
olive oil.

Now I have endurance athletes telling me they need their carbs for their performance in
their sport. Really? Well according to studies by MIT this is not true. You may feel more
lethargic at first, until your body adjusts to using fat for energy, but your peak performance
does not suffer even feeling like this. Then as your body starts using fats for it’s fuel source
you will never experience that 3pm lull where you feel like falling a sleep. Why, because your
blood sugar levels are always stable. Why, because you are having no insulin spikes. Why?
Because you are not ingesting carbs to cause this.

So find and expert in your area, or contact me via internet, and get with the program and get
rid of that fat once and for ever.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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