Whew, what a title, eh?

Well I am your fat loss expert so I am going to give you the reasons how the title of this
article relates to your fat loss.

Dogs. Love them. Particular to pit bulls, loyal, smart, easy to train, and strong as heck.
You want to get lean? Get on a program that works. Stay loyal to it. Be smart-don’t do
something like eat 3 cookies a day and dinner. Be coachable, listen to an expert (like me),
and do what they lay out for you. And be strong-mentally and physically. You have to be
strong mentally to achieve any goal worth while. Also physically increase your strength
when ever possible. By now every one KNOWS muscle burns fat, and you build muscle by
increasing your strength.

Pasta. Listen pasta is made of flour. I don’t care if it is whole wheat, rice, or whatever. Flour
is processed, flour will spike your insulin, you will become fat. Any thing else you need to know?
I have so many clients who want to lose weight, hire me, pay a lot of money, and then when I
them they can’t eat pasta, they start asking the “what about” questions. Hey, if it is processed
don’t flippin’ eat it. End of debate. Can’t do that here is your money back. If it comes in a box
or a bag chances are it is processed. Don’t eat it!

Snakes. Started in the Garden of Eden. Flippin’ snake was evil, and to this day there are many
snakes out there preying on people desperate to lose their fat. Hate them, punks, and I will
call them out. You are forewarned-if you are selling a bogus supplement, or promoting a
diet that is stupid, or a product that you know will end up in a garage sale, I will tell people.
Marketing weight loss is a billion dollar industry. Yes with a “B”. Do you think that they really
care about you? No they care about what you carry in your purse or wallet. Come on, just
like money, if it sounds too good to be true–run! Take the cooking spray Pam for instance.
fat free right? Sure, if you use 1/3 of a second spray. WHAT? Yes a serving size is 1/3 of a
second spraying. Try timing that on your watch. Soooo, do you think that Pam is an ethical
product that is really concerned about you? In my humble opinion, I think they just want
your money. So buyer beware. And if you hire a trainer or go to a bootcamp, for goodness
sakes look at their reputation and following. Initials behind a name mean one thing–initials
behind a name.

So till next article listen to some one you can trust. And if you know me you can trust me.
If you are just meeting me you I will earn your trust.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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