O.K. you are really wondering about the title. Just hang in there and it will become
clear what this title means.

As your fat loss expert I see many obstacles that people face in their quest to lose
fat. Some really effect a person’s ability to succeed with their plan.

One of the most depressing things I see is clients having people in their lives that
are just plain mean spirited and not encouraging to them. This is my opinion of
Dave Letterman. He is a mean, angry, grumpy old man. He is always riding people
and if he can find a crack in their armor he will exploit it. Not some one I would
allow into my life.

Well do you have any relatives or “friends” who bring up every failure you had in
past attempts to lose weight? Do they offer you food you can’t have and say it’s
okay? Do they make fun of you and tell you the effort is not worth it? Check the people
allow into your life and see if you have any “Dave Lettermans”. If so, cut them out.
Harsh you say–well waht the heck are they doing to you?

The vampires are the ones you look to for support and all they do is tell you all of their
issues and problems. They don’t hear a word you say and just talk about themselves,
sucking the life right out of you. Just like a vampire sucks your blood out of you. These
people have one person on their mind, and it isn’t you. They could care less what your
goals are, listen to their problems. Support? Ah, no.

This is why we do Michigan’s Women Boot Camps. (and now co-ed). You are surrounded by
like minded people who all are striving towards fat loss and better health. The support of
20+ people on your team encouraging you and walking the walk with you. You want success?
Plug into our women only boot camps (or co-ed) and you will succeed. Studies show that
if you have a support system and accountability in place you will have a 76% chance of
success compared to a 95% chance of failure.

I know this, this is why I implement the programs we do. We want you to succeed. Period.

Give yourself a chance to succeed, cut out the “David Lettermans” and vampires out of your
life and surround yourself with others striving for the same goal.

To Your Health
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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