Well I really messed up the other night. Now you all know if you have any food
issues you can actually hear your cupboards talk to you.

Oh, yea.

They will call out to you at the strangest time. Might be 2am, might be 4am, who knows.

Well if you are like me some times we answer the call of the cupboard gremlins.
Yes, we get up, eyes closed, following the voice, and answer the calling of the cupboard gremlins.

With eyes still closed we reach in, and I swear it is handed to us by the cupboard
gremlin…..the food we shouldn’t even have in the house.

Have any of you ever experienced the cupboard gremlins?

Well I LOVE natural peanut butter. Creamy, crunchy, just bring it. Now this is on my
list of foods for me to eat—-but not by the jar!

Well I made the mistake of picking up 2 jars because they were on sale. I ate
my 2 tablespoons with a protein drink for dinner, went to bed.

Then I heard it…..”Randy, come here I need to talk to you, Randy I have to
show you something. Randy, I need to see you now, please”

Well that was 3am, next thing I know I am waking up at 4am to a spoon and an empty
peanut butter jar sitting on the counter to let me know I was visited by the cupboard
gremlins that night.

Gang if you have a weakness, DO NOT HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSE. It isn’t about discipline,
I don’t care who you are you will be visited by the gremlins. If you have a weakness and
when you crave it, if it is not there you cannot eat it. Simple.

This is a mistake many make, and they are sitting themselves up to take a fall. Then
discouraged, they say what is the use and go back to their old ways of eating that
got them to where they were in the first place. I have seen this happen so many
times over the last 30 years with well intentioned good people.

So, if you are not supposed to have it do, not have it available. Or you will hear that sound
in the strangest hours of the morning…..”Hey, hey, come here……”

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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