First let me state that the families of Michael and Billy I send my
prayers during your loss. This post is in no way a slight to these
men and am just using them for reference as you read this post.

Michael, Billy, and me- all of us 50 years old, born in 1958.

So as I look at the demise of these men I ask why at the age of
50 do some succumb to an early death and why not others such
as myself.

Let me state that my health is remarkable. My blood pressure, my
cholesterol, lipids, every test taken my Dr. remarks how “young”
I am.

I equate this to the foods I eat and to the rigorous exercise programs
I put myself through. Do I eat perfect? No. Do I eat great? Yes. Do I
cheat now and then? Yes. Do I enjoy life? Yes. Am I healthy? Very.

If you want to live a good healthy life you will have to put forth effort
and seek knowledge. You cannot buy your food at a drive thru window
and expect to be a shining example of health. You have to learn what
is and isn’t good for your body. Listen the major corporations out there
are not in the business to make you healthy, they are in business to make
money. And if that means telling you high fructose corn syrup is healthy and
natural that is what they will do. And you know that is a lie. So educate
yourself and eat what your body NEEDS, not what you crave at the moment.
As I tell my clients, you can have some cheat food, but do not replace the
good food with it, add it after you give your body the nutrients it needs. Then if
you still crave something have a small serving and move on.

Exercise! Ah that nasty word in some of your minds. Yes you must exercise
to be healthy. Run a marathon, no. Walk your dog, yes. Bench press 700 pounds,
no. Weight train, most definitely. Yes I said you have to do resistance training
if you want to operate at your highest level. Period, end of debate.

So my advise to you is if you want to be “young” at any age you need to get
yourself armed with the knowledge of what to eat and how to exercise. And
you have to take action!! Don’t be one of those that know everything but do

These are the components that we supply you with at our Boot Camps. You will
proper nutrition, and you will exercise, and exercise right.

Hey gang, we don’t get do-overs in this life time. Get it right and live a long
healthy one.

If you need guidance reach out and ask.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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