How many of you remember that kids chant from back in the day?
I remember it well as I was on the receiving end of it up til the 9th grade.

Yep, I was 320 pounds in the 8th grade! Oh, and trust me it wasn’t the
same 320 when I was older setting records in powerlifting. No, I was all of
5’5″ tall, and I believe my waist was as big as I was tall!
Even my 8th grade gym teacher made fun of me, but we settled the score
with him after I came back from college, but that is another story.

So do you think kids are still as mean as they were back then? Do you think
they could even be meaner as our society has gotten less moral? Let me
also ask you –Do you think adults talk about fat people also, just not to
their face? Of course they do.

Is your child over weight? Chance are they are, as 70% of kids are. Heck
25% of 4 year olds are clinically obese!

Myself, I would never want to see a child go through what I did. Yes I took
it and made a positive out of it. I made it my life to help people lose weight
get healthy, and I’ve helped thousands. But I know many who were scarred
and to this day messed up emotionally because of the tormenting. Heck I
know lots of adults overweight who are messed up because they let themselves
get fat.

So as a parent what are you doing to instill healthy eating habits in your children?
Are you getting McDonalds for dinner? How about fish sticks and tator tots? You are
the care taker of your children, if they are fat it is your fault. Yes your fault.

And the same is true for you as an adult, if you are fat it is your fault.

So now is the time to take charge of your life, and your children and start practicing
good eating habits.

What, you don’t know how to eat–well educate yourself. Don’t be a smuck and pass
the blame and hope for Obama to come to your rescue. Get your head out of your rear
and stiffen up them bones called a spine and take care of business.

Hey I realized I was going to live a miserable life and die young if I kept on the path
I was on at 12 years old. I took it upon myself to fix the problem. What are you
waiting for? Diabetes?

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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