All the talk about global warming–oh that’s right now called climate change-
has gotten every one on the band wagon for coming out with fuel efficient
autos. Hey, great if they can get the Hummer to 40 miles per gallon, save money
any way I can.

But I am here to talk to you about your fuel efficiency. Yes, you consume fuel (food),
and you burn fuel. Are you fuel efficient?

Recently I had a serious injury and tore all of my quadriceps and fractured my knee
cap Had surgery and praise God, I am recovering ahead of schedule.

But during this time I had been much less mobile, and actually not trained for 8 weeks.
Now my daily activity burns so many calories (fuel). And I am known for for fuel
consumption! Yes I have a little issue called portion control. Well during this time that
I have been “down”, physically and I will say a little mentally, I didn’t lower my eating.
As a result of this i actually put on 23 pounds in this short time frame.

You see I wasn’t fuel efficient. I was consuming a lot, like a gas guzzler, but the problem
was I was not burning or using the calories. I was storing them.

Many of you do the same thing and this is why you are in the condition you are in–
FAT. Now the thing you have to do is either lower your food intake, or up your usage
of the calories you eat. Too many of us are not active and sit too much and as a result
get fat.

So you need to find that point where you are using up a little more energy that you are
taking is to lose that fat. Andy you need to get active so you can burn the calories you
are taking in. You have to do both. If just not eating was the key to losing weight so
many people would be skinny as they try crash diets. We know this doesn’t work and that
is for another article all together.

So do what I do. As I recognized I was getting fat, I cut back on my portions and now that
I can use my leg I am training slightly. I have dropped 9 pounds of that extra weight that
I put on in the last 2 weeks. And as I progress with my heaaling I will get more active and
drop this fat in another 4 weeks.

So are you fuel efficient? Cut back on the food and get moving. Are you listening Al Gore?

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your fat Loss Expert

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