Flipping Scholars! WHO Says Extra Calories Cause Obesity!

You have got to be kidding me. Well I wish I was, but here goes.

World Health Organization known as WHO, just released a study
by these great scholars. The study says-get this- that overeating
is the cause for obesity.

Holy Cow, all this time I thought it was global warming! What a relief.
These scholars have wasted money, time, and actually got funded
for this research. Can you believe this.

It is not rocket science gang, calories in, calories used. That is the
formula. And these great scholars sit on their thrones thinking they
have found the key to obesity.

These clowns would get lost using a GPS system getting from their
kitchen to the bathroom. I am just floored that this is an actual study
that was just released.

So let me clear this up for you. If you are fat you are eating too much.
Please send me my grant money now and I will tell you the key to
finding shoes that fit.

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