Okay, I can talk about this from personal experience. I was an obese kid. Yep my
peak was 320 in the 7th grade. Now that would make me 11-12 years old. I started
school a year earlier than most.

I was miserable, had very low self esteem, didn’t participate in any activities, and mostly
just ate and kept to myself. When I did interact with people I was the funniest person
you ever met. I was the comedy for every family function and at school I was always
voted class comedian. We know that was just to cover up how sad and miserable I
really was.

Do not let this happen to your child. Do not think it is cute to have a “husky” child. Or to
have a “big” baby boy. “Yep he’s a big one, gonna play football.” No he probably is going
to sit at home and eat hot dogs and cry himself to sleep while his classmates enjoy the
football games and dances.

I remember going shopping and it was cute that I shopped in the husky department at
J.C.Penny’s. Yea right. Or the time all of us got cowboy boots except me because they
couldn’t go over my calves!

No you do not want to have a fat child. And the minute fat cells are formed they don’t
disappear, and then it is a life long struggle to be fit and healthy. Please understand that
we have an obesity epidemic in the U.S.A. and children are being hit hard. It is up to
the parents as they are the ones who supply the food. Take action and don’t have your
child become a statistic, or be one of the teens that are already diabetic!

If I am being a little harsh and you are feeling it–oh well– no apologies. I’ve been there
and I know many there now, and I feel for them deeply.

So here are 5 tips to help your child from being one of the growing number of
fat and unhealthy kids out there.

1. You eat properly. Yes mom and dad it starts with you. If you eat poorly where in the
heck is your kid going to eat-at the neighbors? It starts with you and you have to go
ahead and educate yourself on nutrition. Pop tarts are not a natural food group. Trust
me you do not want a fat child.

2. Real food does not come through your window. Fast food is not real food. Fast food
is Fat Food. Give me a break. Get off your rusty dusty and prepare real food. Hey you do
have a stove right? Start using it. “But Randy I don’t have time to cook.” Hey you are
going to have to make time to take your kid to the doctors then. And don’t use that I
don’t have time excuse. You make time for what is important to you.

3. Sugar is not a pacifier. I get a kick out of folks who to satisfy their kid from acting up
will give them a “treat.” Treat heck, more like a death sentence. I have clients who will
not eat cookies (praise God) but they will give them to their kids for treats. I asked one
mother who was going to bring home some candy her co-workers gave her. I asked her
“Are you going to eat that?” , “Absolutely not” she replied “that is poison”. I then asked
her why then did she think it was okay to poison her children. The candy ended up in
my fitness center’s garbage.

4. Children like what they are taught to like. They are not born with a liking for McDonald’s
french fries. They are not born with a craving for animal crackers. They were fed those and
developed a taste and an addiction to those. So you will have to take the blame again
parents. You put the best oil in your car, why would you do any less for your children?

5. Get yourself healthy. Period. End of story. You are the parent, you are the authority
figure, you are the role model, and most of all you are the care taker. So take care of your
child’s health by taking care of your own. PLEASE.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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