Well today ends day 6 of my “51 and Fit Project”. I woke up this morning at 254 pounds.
That is a loss of 7 pounds in 6 days.

First I will give a brief outline of my workout this week.
Chest: 5 sets of 10-12 reps going up to 315 lbs.
Back: 3 set pulldowns12-15 reps 180, 210, 240 lbs
Back: 1-arm rows 110lbs x 12 3 sets
Shoulders: Presses: 4 sets of 15 reps used 145 lbs.
Tricep pushdowns: 3 set of 15 reps 130 lbs.
Dumbbell curls: 40 lbs. 3 sets of 12

I did this on Monday in 1 hour. from 4pm-5pm.

That is it so far. I will do each part again Friday.
Still rehabbing my leg so no real workout on them to count.
No abs. I have a 6 pack forever-just need to get fat back off. Here’s a tip for all you out
there–endless situps do not give you a six pack. Build the muscles once and with heavy training
they will be there forever. Just get rid of the fat. I have not done any abs since 1991 and when
I get my weight around 225 I have beautiful abs.

On my diet I have dropped my carbs to 60 grams a day. By doing so I picked up my
essential fat intake. I have added natural almond butter to my diet.(thanks Val).
Breakfast 5 whole eggs (cage free)
Snack: 2 tbsp natural almond butter
Lunch: 6oz. chicken breast in whole wheat wrap with salsa
Snack: 2tbsp natural almond butter with slices of onion!!
Dinner: 4 whole eggs(cage free) in whole wheat wrap with salsa
Later: 5 oz. chicken breast, 1 tbsp natural almond butter.

I will drop the wraps this weekend and take my carbs down to trace carbs from
my food sources. I will switch out salmon for chicken one meal and add green beans
in place of the wraps.

My goal is to see 249 this weekend. This will be a 12 pound loss in 9-10 days. That will
leave me 18 pounds to lose by November 19th. My “51 and Fit Project” is rolling as expected.

I am hoping you are rolling on your goal to a better you before the New Year’s Day. Remember
if you do it now–one less resolution to keep January 1st!!

Love hearing your sucesses–it helps me keep focused.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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