Yep, there is a new weight loss breakthrough just reported on the news that the government has
released that really caught my eye.


Wow, our government came out with that report and were so proud of their findings! I was taken back
by the news coverage that this got.

Here is your formula for losing fat. Calories in (food you eat) minus calories out (energy you use)
equals weight loss if the out put is greater than what’s going in. Now this is not rocket science,
and I am sure you already knew this without a government study done and paid for by good old
you and me. Heck they could have just spent the dime on a long distance call and I would have
told them for free.

Now there are more ways to create a calorie deficit than you may think. I will tell you the number one
way to create a calorie deficit and still eat more than you probably are now.

We know that a pound of muscle burns up an average of 50 calories a day. So if we can put on say
10 pounds of muscle we could theoretically burn an additional 500 calories a day than we are now.
Figure that by the end of the week you would lose a pound of fat!

Now by the end of the year you could lose up to 52 pounds of fat. And by adding that 10 pounds of
muscle and dropping 52 pounds of fat you have changed your body composition dramatically.

What does it take to add muscle? Work! What does it take to lose fat? Work. Is there and easy fix?
Are people always looking for the easy quick fix?
Is this why people don’t stick with programs for any length of time?
Do people quit early?

How so you ask.

Well let’s say you start coming to one of our Better Life Boot Camps and listen to what we teach
about supportive eating. You will burn an average of 9x (YES NINE TIMES) the calories of regular
aerobic activity. You will also start putting on a thin layer of muscle. This is where people screw
up. They panic because they don’t see the scale moving fast enough, well if you put on 4 pounds
of muscle and the scale only goes down 1 pound you actually LOST 5 POUNDS OF FAT!!

I will have clients be slaves to the scale and see it “only” move 1-2 pounds (what was it doing
before they came to me?) but their waist has gone down 2 notches. They are so conditioned of
looking at the scale and not using any true logic that they figure what is the use and go back to
sitting on the couch eating chips feeling sorry for them self because they are different and exercise
doesn’t work for them.

Poo to that. They took 15 years to get fat and they expect to be a super model in 3 weeks!
Come on, get real with yourself. Yes if you really want to I can help you lose 4-8 pounds a week.
But most people will average 1-2 pounds on the scale and see that their pants are fitting looser
around the waist. Progress? You bet your zippy it is.

So my advice is to get to a good boot camp where you have expert instructors, a good community
of supportive people, and stick to it for at least until you have reached your goal weight and even
make a lifestyle out of it and take your health to a new level, and never look back.

If you are in the metro Detroit area of Michigan I know of Michigan’s Premier Boot Camps.


What ever state or country you live in (we have readers from all over the world) find the nearest
boot camp that you can take advantage of. If you want ask me and I will tell you if they deserve
your money. If possible get an indoor location so you never get canceled, you have adequate
equipment available, and it is offered 4 times a week to you.

Til next time. Remember calories in –calories out. Now get moving.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Fat Loss Expert

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